Terror-Themed Pilot a Go at CBS

Terror-Themed Pilot a Go at CBS

Jack Bauer may soon have some company on broadcast TV.

Fox’s 24 already is prepping a springtime reboot, and now CBS is going ahead with a pilot focusing on the terrorist threat to the U.S.

The says the new, untitled show will be from two Revenge producers–Nikki Toscano and Kerry Ehrin. The twist here is our hero will be involved in smoking out budding terrorist cells on the home front.

When a terrorist event rocks Washington, D.C., a retired CIA operative is pulled back into action, forced to investigate closer to home where the next generation of terrorists are being bred,” a description of the series reads.

Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer made news thanks to his penchant for torturing suspects to gain critical information. It remains to be seen how the new series will tackle ticking time bomb scenarios.