Tyler Perry Abandoning Los Angeles for Atlanta

Tyler Perry Abandoning Los Angeles for Atlanta

Tyler Perry, successful film producer, director, and actor famed for his popular Madea series of films, is leaving Los Angeles and Hollywood for Atlanta, Georgia, closing his Los Angeles offices after his contract with Lionsgate Films came to an end last year.

Since 2008, Perry had an oft-renewed agreement with Lionsgate mostly to develop films from his stable of writers and directors, but their last contract ended as 2013 came to a close. A new agreement was not reached. As a result, Perry has closed his LA offices, announcing that he is consolidating his company in Atlanta.

Most of Perry’s popular movies are produced out of Atlanta already, so this move is a logical one now that there is no longer an official connection to LA-based Linosgate.

Perry has one more film to debut in conjunction with Lionsgate, however. The Single Moms Club is opening on March 14.

“Perry’s last release through Lionsgate,” The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas was released in December and grossed $52.5 million domestically, which is a fairly typically box office take for one of the filmmaker’s features.”

Perry has been working with Loinsgate since the 2005 release of Diary of a Mad Black Woman, a film he wrote, produced, and starred in.