Hollywood Playbook: Tuesday's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Tuesday's Top 5 News Items

1. A Sure-Fire Way Russell Crowe Can Win the Pope’s Blessing of ‘Noah’

Paramount denies that a meeting with Pope Francis was cancelled by the Vatican because, according to the studio, no meeting was ever scheduled. The studio even got Variety to change its headline on their report.

Paramount does admit they went to the Vatican in the hopes of setting up a meeting but that the Vatican turned them down.

Crowe is in Rome today for the film’s opening.

All this back and forth could be nothing more than a scheme to win publicity for the film. That’s all part of the game and the trades have been known to play along.

Anyway, here’s my suggestion of a sure-fire way for “Noah” to receive the Pope’s blessing:

Crowe is already in Rome. Every Wednesday morning Pope Francis holds a public gathering in St. Peter’s Square where anyone (even movie stars) can attend. During the event, Pope Francis will sometimes give his blessing to items  brought by members of his audience. All Crowe needs to do is show up with a DVD copy of the film and Voila! “Noah is blessed.


2. SXSW: 10 Films That Stood Out at the Festival

Where does the money come from to produce so many films no one will ever see or pay money to see? One or two might break out, but come on.

It can’t all be corporate welfare … can it?

Movies are expensive and time consuming. I simply have never understood how so many of them can be produced just so producers and festivals and elite festival-goers and film critics can wank.


3. Peanuts Return to the Big Screen in 2015

It could be really sweet if this was done right. By the time “The Peanuts Movie” is set to be released in 2015,  35 years will have passed since the last one.

The theme music does bring you back. Let’s just hope that the SPIRIT of Charles M. Schulz lives on. We have a collection of old Peanuts strips. They haven’t aged a day. Wonderful, charming stories and characters. Timeless stuff.


4. Chris Brown Finally Goes to Prison

There are two American justice systems: one for you and I, and one for celebrities like Chris Brown.

It has been almost five years since Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna and all he received was 5 years probation and 1400 hours of community service. Since, he has been in and out of trouble but avoided jail by agreeing to go to rehab. Now he’s been kicked out of this third rehab center.

Only now, after five years of justice system grab-ass,  (and a second assault charge) is he finally tasting the inside of a jail cell. Even so, it is only for a month.

Only in Hollywood can you do this to another human being, much less a woman, and pretty much get away with it.

What does a celebrity have to do to go to jail, kill someone? Oh. Wait.


5. No, Hollywood Is Not ‘White Trashing’ America

You can certainly argue that the production design of these shows is Pure White Trash, but when it comes to characterizations of the rural poor and working class, Hollywood has actually come a long way. You can’t judge a person by his double-wide.

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