Gosnell Filmmaker Thanks Supporters: 'We Won't Let You Down'

Gosnell Filmmaker Thanks Supporters: 'We Won't Let You Down'

Filmmaker Phelim McAleer isn’t surprised that most mainstream news outlets ignored his crowdfunding campaign to make a TV movie detailing Kermit Gosnell’s crimes.

“The New York Times hasn’t touched it, the LA Times hasn’t touched it,” McAleer tells Breitbart News on the day his crowdfunding campaign reached its $2.1 million target.

Now, with the film’s future cemented thanks to the will of the people, McAleer says those same outlets will be “forced” to report on it. And what they’ll uncover is the kind of compelling narrative reporters should naturally explore.

“It’s a great story for journalists … America’s biggest serial killer. There are heroes in this … corrupt politicians, detectives,” McAleer says.

The filmmaker says he wasn’t always sure they would reach their fiscal target. Conservatives haven’t embraced the crowdfunding model to date, so it took some time for them to understand the principles behind it. Once they did, the money and support started flowing. And it could be the start of more right-of-center projects heading our way.

“I think we have brought a lot of people to crowdfunding who had never been there before,” he says. “Every day I’m getting phone calls and emails from people trying to set up their own crowdfunding campaign, looking for advice.”

McAleer wasn’t ready to share specifics about the film’s production quite yet. The fundraising for the project continues, and he hopes they can reach a grand total of 30,000 contributors during the final four days. The campaign currently has 24,000 contributors.

“Even if they only give a dollar [each] it’ll send a message to the networks that this film has to be made,” he says.

The eventual film will be a “classic American TV crime drama,” one that will mirror what the public sees in movies about figures such as Jodi Arias or Drew Peterson, he says.

McAleer wants to thank all the contributors who helped make the movie’s campaign a record-setting affair.

“It’s like an American dream for us. We’re all immigrants, and [contributors] are letting us tell this important part of your history,” he says. “Thank you for trusting us. We won’t let you down.”