CBS' 'The Mentalist' Depicts Murderer of Women as Friend of George W. Bush

CBS' 'The Mentalist' Depicts Murderer of Women as Friend of George W. Bush

In yet another case of liberal bias in television dramas, a TV show has portrayed a character as an associate of George W. Bush to “prove” to viewers that the character is the episode’s evil, murderous bad guy of the week.

So, you are a TV series writer or producer and you want your audience to know in one quick scene that your character is the big, evil, bad guy. How do you achieve this goal? Well, Hollywood has found the perfect way to do that.

This somewhat new trick is to introduce the bad guy by showing him or her standing in a photo with some high-ranking Republican, often George W. Bush.

After the audience sees the bad guy in a photo with a Republican, why, it is obvious that he is evil, right?

The CBS series The Mentalist was the latest to pull this trick during its May 11 broadcast of an episode titled “Black Hearts.” The show portrayed a particularly odious monster of a bad guy in a photo with George W. Bush. Bush, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice were depicted in a photo supposedly taken in the Oval Office of the White House. Sitting beside these Bush-era officials was the episode’s bad gay, a character named Michael Ridley (Titus Welliver).

This particular bad guy is quite the evil one, too. He hits all the left’s most-hated hot buttons of evil: He’s rich, he claims to be in the one percent, and worse, he feels that some people are important–so important, in fact, that he’s willing to kidnap and murder dozens of young girls to remove their organs and then sell them to rich people to keep their diseased bodies alive. One client is even portrayed as an evil African oilman.

That’s quite an evil guy. Evil rich guy, oilman, murderer of young women. And this is the guy they show with George W. Bush. See. He’s obviously evil, right?

This trick has shown up repeatedly, mostly on police procedural-styled shows like Bones, NCIS, The Blacklist, and other cop or espionage-themed shows.

Breitbart News has reported this trick several times over the last few years.

Only last month, for instance, the Fox show Bones pulled this trick. It showed the bad guy in its April 21 episode in a photo with President George W. Bush.

In March, NCIS did the same thing, also showing its bad guy in a photo with Bush.

These are only a few examples of the use of this television trick over the last few years.

It’s all just one more, ham-fisted way that left-wing television writers and producers shoehorn their liberal bias into our entertainment.

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