Rose McGowan: Lisa Bloom Offered Millions to ‘Silence Me’ About Weinstein

Rose McGowan Lisa Bloom

Sunday night, using her Facebook account, actress Rose McGowan accused disgraced attorney Lisa Bloom of offering her millions of dollars to hop on board the “Harvey’s Changed bandwagon.”

Bloom immediately denied McGowan’s allegations. Nevertheless, with her reputation already shattered by similar accusations of incompetence and inappropriate behavior in defense of producer Harvey Weinstein and Amazon’s Roy Price, the last thing Bloom needed was McGowan hopping on board the “Lisa Bloom’s a bumbling sell-out” bandwagon.

McGowan opens with:

Lisa Bloom.
Lisa Bloom.

Your very name makes my stomach clench with a stressed tightness that takes my breath away. As does your mercenary act of depravity. Did you think of how it would affect victims to see you champion a rapist? How it felt to those you once “fought for,” for them to know that you used them. You remember them right? They were the victims of assaults, women you’d previously helped. You lied to those hurt women and hid your true character. You wanted a shortcut to fame. You sold your book [to Weinstein] to be made into a mini-series, where you’d be the next Erin Brokovich, right?

And that was the good part.

“I feel like people should know that you’ve been calling my literary agent and saying there’d be money for me if I got on the ‘Harvey’s Changed’ bandwagon,” McGowan writes. “You told her that I should care about HIS reputation. How HE has a family now and HE has changed. Well, guess what? I’ve always had a family and that didn’t stop him from assaulting me.”

McGowan goes on to lay out what she claims are the details of six months of pressure from Bloom and Weinstein’s other attorney, Charles Harder, to accept the hush money. “You and your vile partner in evil … have been hounding me for months now,” McGowan claims. “Terrorizing me at every turn. Trying to silence me.”

The night before the New York Times report came out. McGowan says she was offered a million dollars. “I then drove it to 6 million,” she writes. But after “warring with thoughts” of how the money would help her family, McGowan says she turned the offer down. “I will not be purchased. I will not be sold. Never again,” she writes.

McGowan then details the two-decade old story of the $100,000 settlement she claims to have received from Weinstein, which did not include, according to her, a non-disclosure agreement. “I never signed an NDA,” McGowan writes. “I’ve told scores of people the truth. And the open secret in Hollywood and mainstream media laid shame at my door.”

So what we have here is yet-another claim that many, many, many in Hollywood knew and chose to enable Weinstein through silence.

McGowan closes with another broadside against Bloom:

Lisa Bloom, I had to play the trickiest game of my life because your threats were all about trying to silence me NOW.

You don’t get a mea culpa do over. We don’t trust you. We don’t like you. We see you.

The scarlet letter is yours, and it’s S is for SHAME.

In her statement to BuzzFeed, Bloom calls the accusations “completely false” and claims, ” I don’t even know who her agent is. I never threatened Rose McGowan, nor offered her money, nor reached out to her.”

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