Michael Ian Black Lives with ‘Continual Daily Dread’

Michael Ian Black in Another Period (2013, Konner Productions)
Konner Productions

Comedian Michael Ian Black announced on Twitter Friday that he lives with a “continual, daily dread” and that this dread is something “I wake up with” and “go to sleep with.”

A quick perusal of Black’s Twitter feed explains the likely reason why. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement Thursday has all kinds of leftists in despair.

After three years of writing President Trump off as a joke, after 18 months of assuming the media’s Russian collusion hoax would seem him impeached already, Kennedy’s retirement will not only be Trump’s second opportunity to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, it will be the first time in decades any president has been handed the opportunity to shift the ideological balance on the nation’s highest court.

Kennedy was a legitimate swing vote who sided with the four left-leaning justices on a whole host of social issues, including abortion and gay marriage.

Once Kennedy is replaced with another Neal Gorsuch or Clarence Thomas, two reliable constructionists, there is every reason to believe those constructionists will enjoy a 5-4 majority for at least another decade. Clarence Thomas is the oldest right-leaning justice on the court, and he is only 70.

Two leftist judges, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer, are 85 and 79, respectively; meaning Trump has a legitimate shot at a 6-3 Supreme Court  majority should he win a second term.

Black’s tweet is also proof of just how spoiled some Americans are.

How does a wealthy celebrity living in the United States allow his entire life to be ruined over who sits in the Oval Office?

Seriously, how pathetic and shallow is that?

Even during the hideous reign of Barack Obama, other than the passage of ObamaCare (which was legitimately unsettling), I never allowed Barry to ruin my day.

To begin with, the next national election is only two years away. In their unsurpassed brilliance, the Founders understood that We The People always needed to know the possibility for change was right around the corner.

And then there is the fact that we do live in America.

Honestly, how bad can things get for a healthy, law-abiding individual who lives in America?

No matter who is president, your central air conditioning and iPhone still work, your Netflix still streams, your friends and family still love you; we live in the age of penicillin and morphine and modern dentistry. Every piece of art ever created — from paintings to architecture to movies, novels, and plays — are now just a click away. The grocery stores are all bursting, and obesity is a national health problem, not famine.

Frankly, I think Black’s despair emanates from the left having lost the argument.

With social media and alternative media and talk radio, the left can no longer control the debate, especially through the shrill emotionalism they count on when truth fails to fall their way.

All around them, they are countered with facts and better arguments, and they just cannot grasp why we will not succumb to their WhatAboutTheChildren hysterics, why we will not surrender to our feelings and hand in our guns, purchase ObamaCare, do what we are told, and shut up.

The serfs are in full-throated revolt against media and Hollywood elitists, we peons are educating and organizing themselves, and our president is a living, breathing example of just how effective and righteous this revolt is. He refuses to bend, and now, for the first time since September 11, 2001, we are once again enjoying relative peace and prosperity.

People like Michael Ian Black, these neo-fascists desperate to control others, are never more unhappy and frustrated than when faced with those they cannot bully, argue, or emotionally blackmailed into doing what they are told. It drives them crazy. This lack of control, this failure to dominate others, drives them into an existential despair.

And the level of this despair is the perfect barometer of just how well America is doing and how free we still are.

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