Kanye West Apologizes to Broadway Actor for Using Cellphone During ‘The Cher Show’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 02: Kanye West attends the the Versace fall 2019 fashion show at the American Stock Exchange Building in lower Manhattan on December 02, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kanye West apologized on Monday to Broadway actor Jarrod Spector for using his smartphone during a performance of “The Cher Show.”

Jarrod Spector took to social media after the performance to chastise Kanye West for his phone use, during the show, saying, “Hey so cool that you’re here at ! If you look up from your cell phone you’ll see we’re doing a show up here. It’s opening night. Kind of a big deal for us. Thanks so much.”

Indeed, Monday was the opening night of a show about the life of pop star and political activist Cher.

The Grammy-winning rapper responded by saying that he was so inspired by the show that he got distracted, complimenting the performance as a “master piece.”

“the dynamics of Cher and Sonny’s relationship made Kim and I grab each other’s hand and sing ‘I got you babe,'” West said. “please pardon my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy you guys put into making this master piece.”

Throughout his career, the 41-year-old rapper has occasionally alienated people with his erratic behavior. He infamously interrupted Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in 2009, saying that Beyonce had a better music video than her that year.

More recently, the Chicago native has gotten involved in politics, showing his support for President Donald Trump and telling reporters in the Oval Office, “He might not have thought he’d have a crazy mother-fucker like Kanye West run up and support, but best believe — we are going to make America great!”

However, just weeks after that appearance, West announced his intention to distance himself from politics.


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