Demi Lovato Called a ‘Hypocrite’ for Promoting Dieting After Attacking a Frozen Yogurt Shop for Offering ‘Diet Foods’

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 17: Demi Lovato performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" at SummerStage at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on June 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Left-wing actress and “Impeach Trump” singer Demi Lovato was roasted and called a “hypocrite” for appearing to promote dieting by wielding a Dr. Pepper “zero sugar” microphone during an interview at the iHeartRadio Music Awards — just one month after launching a full-blown attack on a frozen yogurt shop for offering “diet foods” in its store.

Viewers quickly took to social media to slam Lovato and accuse her of promoting diet foods with a sugar free-branded microphone. She had one month earlier attacked the Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop, The Bigg Chill, because she was “triggered” after seeing “sugar free cookies” and “other diet foods” available in the store.

“Demi Lovato in April: ‘Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from The Big Chill when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter….'” pointed out one Twitter user. “Demi Lovato in May:”

“Weren’t you there to promote sugar free dr. Pepper after trying to get a place shut down for serving diet Froyo?” inquired one social media user who responded to the singer’s tweet regarding her experience at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

“Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from [The Bigg Chill] when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter,” another Twitter user commented. “Do better. Please.”

“Why do yall love someone who tries destroying a small business cause they had sugar free cookies yet was ok with a DP 0 sugar mic? She seems like a hypocrite who is only ok with sugar free if that sugar free is giving her money,” another said.

“This is ironic because not too long ago Demi Lovato called out a frozen yoghurt company for having sugar free food, (such as sugar free cookies) which they thought created a harmful message,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Miserable .. you are just awful. Virtue signaling, hypocrite, shallow and one dimensional personality,” another commented.

A representative for Lovato responded to the backlash, telling Page Six that “Demi was doing a promotional stop for the awards show as a good partner to iHeart.”

“They’ve apologized for comments made weeks ago and have moved on to focus on their cause work in the area of eating disorder awareness and Pride,” the representative added.

Sugar-free cookies and diet culture are not the only thing Lovato has been ranting about recently.

Last week, the gun control-pushing singer claimed the “patriarchy” has prevented her from coming out as “non-binary” sooner.

Last month — just months after coming out as “pansexual” — Lovato came out as “non-binary,” and said she will now be using the pronouns “they” and “them” to refer to herself.

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