Nolte: AMC Theaters ‘Feeling the Brunt’ of Disney Latest Flop ‘Wish’


The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s stated commitment to social manipulation over profits has had a rippled effect against AMC Theaters, per MarketWatch:

Another disappointing Thanksgiving weekend box-office performance isn’t what Walt Disney Co. wished for, and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is feeling the brunt of it.

AMC shares AMC dipped 1.5% in trading Monday — extending a desultory year in which the company’s stock has plummeted 81% — in what is shaping up as its worst performance in a decade, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

AMC’s selloff came after “Wish,” Disney’s DIS newest animated adventure, opened with a weak $19.5 million over the traditional weekend and $31.7 million over its first five days. Industry experts had projected the musical fable would rack up $35 million over the traditional weekend and $45 million to $50 million in its first five days.

Because Disney is willing to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to groom and queer small children instead of earning hundreds of millions of dollars producing quality entertainment, the fallout hits outside the Mouse House.

If you owned a movie theater, how would you feel about Disney’s latest public filing warning investors it will continue to put social manipulation above profits?

Back in 2019, before Disney turned groomer, the company released Frozen 2, which grossed $288 over two weekends, the second weekend being Thanksgiving weekend. That was a good time to own a movie theater.

Of course(!), parents flocked to see Frozen 2. Back then, decent parents didn’t have to worry about walking out of the theater with a confused child asking why two men were necking or why the fat guy with a beard was wearing a dress and high heels.

Wish ended up being another $250 million catastrophe for Disney when it was supposed to be a grand summation of everything Disney has stood for in its 100-year history. But no one came to see Wish because Disney no longer stands for what it once did: protecting the innocence of children and teaching them universal values — humanistic values about self-sacrifice, honesty, the importance of family, humility, maturity, and bettering yourself. Decent parents can no longer trust Disney not to try and groom their kids with disgusting queerness and even more disgusting sexual fetishes.

So, yeah, alienating normal people rolls downhill straight into the lobby of the exhibitors like AMC.

The pandemic is the least of Hollywood’s problems. If Hollywood were still Hollywood, we’d be rushing back into theaters to feel normal again, to enjoy the shared experience of the magic. But Hollywood isn’t Hollywood anymore. It’s a hate factory obsessed with gay sex, identity politics, and teaching that narcissism is a virtue.

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