Polling Stations Report Huge Turnouts Across Scotland

Polling Stations Report Huge Turnouts Across Scotland

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – Polling stations across Scotland are reporting huge turnouts in today’s referendum vote. The ballot boxes opened at 7am this morning and around 97 percent of the Scottish adult population have registered.

At Hermitage Park Primary School there were a steady stream of voters from the moment they opened. Campaigners from both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides were flooding the streets in one last attempt to persuade the undecided population: believed to have been 8 percent last night.

In advance of today’s vote experts had predicted a turnout of 80 – 90 percent, which would be unprecedented. Even those who claimed not to have been engaged in politics before were still heading out to vote.

John Mullen, and Edinburgh taxi driver, told Breitbart London he had shocked his wife by announcing he was voting for the first time in 30 years. He said: “My wife told me she was taking her polling card to work and voting there. She was shocked when I suggested we vote together, because she always votes and I never do. But this is far too important to miss.

Despite Mullen’s enthusiasm to vote he was unimpressed with the campaign. He said: “We keep hearing that both campaigns have worked very hard, but I’ve never seen them. They have never knocked on my door or phoned my house.

“My 24-year-old son is voting no because he hasn’t been given the information. I will definitely be voting yes.”

Polls close at 10pm and the result are expected at around breakfast time tomorrow. There had been fears that bad weather would affect the turnout but so far the weather has been mild aside from some fog.


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