Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s ‘Race’ and ‘Religious’ Cards Brought Him Down


 The mayoral election in Tower Hamlets has been declared void and Mayor Lutfur Rahman labelled corrupt. A judge has ordered him to pay all the costs of court proceedings and make an immediate payment of £250,000 towards the final bill, which is estimated at £1 million.

The central allegation that Judge Mawrey ruled in favour of was that Muslim voters from the Bangladeshi community had been told it was their “Islamic duty” to vote for Rahman. He said people who were unable to speak English had been “intimidated” outside polling stations by large groups of Rahman supporters outside polling stations.

They had been “exploited” because they “respected authority” and 101 imams from the borough had backed Rahman. This happened in an environment where people were conscripted into voting for one or other left-wing group without being allowed to consider what was in the local, regional or national good.

No matter how much the petitioners celebrate their victory, it is almost certain the winner of the by-election for the mayoralty will be John Biggs AM. He is the Labour London Assembly Member who was defeated by Rahman.

Breitbart London has played its part in proceedings. We recorded evidence that BOTH Labour and Rahman’s team (Tower Hamlets First) were congregating outside the polling stations on the day of the poll. This was submitted to the court and can be seen below.

Four private citizens can claim they helped eradicate the poison that was Tower Hamlets First from East London. For the record they are: Andy Erlam, Angela Moffat, Azmal Hussein and Debbie Simone. They took private sector security to the court, once again paid by whatever money they could scrape together from friends and family.

Cllr Peter Golds from the Conservatives cried and hugged supporters when his evidence was commended by the Judge. He whispered to his supporter: “Thank God, after all the sh*t I’ve been through”. Golds was subject to death threats because he opposed Rahman and he is Jewish.

For the record, the petitioner Angela Moffat is a member of UKIP. Farage take note.


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