Afghan Migrants Abducted Woman And Gang Raped Her for a Week

Swedish Police

Swedish police have arrested two Afghan men after they locked a local woman in an apartment for seven days over March this year.

The Swedish Free Press (Fria Tider) reports the arrests, in ethnic-conflict city Malmo, took place this week in relation to the ordeal which took place between March 15 and 22. The two men arrested so far, aged 40 and 38, are unable to speak Swedish and required a Pashto interpreter in court – this was despite at least one of the men having lived in Sweden for a year or more, as evidenced by a past conviction for drug offences in 2014.

The men have been charged aggravated rape “jointly and in concert with others” – investigators are still looking into suspicions of other kidnappers. The investigation is still at an “early stage” and as of yet no more details have been released by police.

The town of Malmo itself is now one of Europe’s most violent cities – dubbed ‘Sweden’s Chicago’, the town has a reputation for religious and ethnic violence and is now caught in a “spiral of retaliation”. In the early hours of this morning the city suffered yet another hand-grenade attack, the second in 12 hours and the third this week, as gangs use smuggled or stolen army munitions to carry out revenge attacks on the streets. reports Swedish police believe the grenade attacks, which are targeted at government buildings, are related to the conviction and imprisonment of three men responsible for a number of bomb attacks over Christmas 2014.

Tensions are growing across Sweden as migrants import sectarian and religious conflicts from the near east. Breitbart London reported this week on how a small group of Christian refugees from Syria were forced out of asylum accommodation “fearing for their own safety” after “fundamental Muslims” sharing the house told them they were not to wear the symbol of the cross or use communal areas when Muslims were present.

Instead of reporting the incident to the police, the Swedish immigration body instead sent a representative to the house to teach the Muslim residents about Swedish law, and to ask them not to do it again.

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