‘Of Course We Preach Hatred’ – Anjem Choudary and Gang Take to London Streets

Protestors Demonstrate Against The UN Intervention In Libya

A stall was doused with a substance that was thought to be petrol at an “Islamic road show” led by the hardline Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary earlier this week.

While no one was injured, and the rally was able to continue with heavy police protection, the incident once again shone a light on Islamist activism in London, just weeks after a terror attack against British citizens in Tunisia.

“We was here today (sic), speaking, and a man came with petrol and threw [it] upon us,” said one of the radical speakers at the event in Tooting in South London.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed to Breitbart London that a 47 year-old man was arrested for a section four public disorder offence. The Met refused to confirm the substance thrown was petrol, but it was treated as a hazardous substance by the fire service. The man who threw it remains in custody.

“The police did nothing as usual. They were standing there with their hands in their pockets doing nothing,” the preacher screamed as the police secured the area and the fire service moved quickly to clean up the substance.

Continuing: “If [the man who threw the petrol] was a Muslim, he would have been charged with… terrorism… He would have got 10, 15, 20, years. That’s the reality of British values. British values are not fish and chips. British values are about discrimination,” he said.

Other that the dousing, there appears to have been very little resistance from South London residents on the busy high street – certainly no counter demo or mainstream media coverage.

“Some people say we preach hatred. Of course we preach hatred,” cried Choudary emphatically. Another preacher bemoaned the “atheists Kurds” who are currently fighting Islamic State (IS) and complained that he was prevented from traveling to Turkey and Syria.


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