HUMILIATED: Louise Mensch Tweets Picture of Her Own Twitter Searches, Claims Corbyn Supporters Are Anti-Semitic As a Result

Louise Mensch

Former Member of Parliament Louise Mensch has been left red in the face after tweeting a picture of her own Twitter search history, then claiming that the results were “autocompletes” caused by the high number of Jeremy Corbyn activists pumping out anti-Semitic propaganda against the Labour Party’s other candidates.

It isn’t the first time Ms. Mensch has made a fool of herself online, either. The Twitter-obsessed Conservative Party-supporting Sun columnist has a long history of levying attacks on “rivals” on Twitter. She once repeatedly referred to Breitbart News editor at large John Nolte as “Nick”, apparently confusing him with 48 Hours actor Nick Nolte.

Mensch tweeted a photo taken of her screen, rather than a screenshot, with the comment:  “Twitter’s autocomplete on Liz Kendall MP. This is the sewer that is Jeremy Corbyn’s support.”

Her mistake was quickly seized upon by Twitter users of all stripes. Some users sought to politely correct her, with messages like, “they are coming up because , or someone else using her computer, typed those search terms in.”

Others went for a more robust approach, calling Mensch a “weirdo” and saying, “Hahahaha! Idiot of the day goes to “.

Mensch left her seat in the House of Commons early during the last Parliament to move to New York City to live with her wealthy husband.

Despite being detached from British politics, she still maintains a column for the Sun newspaper, which she uses to lobby for the Conservative Party.

She also claims to be a close friend of former California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarznegger.


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