Corbyn’s Jewish Roots Claim A Lie Says Top Genealogist

Corbyn’s Jewish Roots

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn does NOT have Jewish roots in his family lineage, according to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Britain. The news comes just weeks after the new party chief told the Church Times of his heritage, “Going back a lot further, there is a Jewish element in the family”.

While under fire for anti-Semitism claims, Corbyn told the Christian newspaper:

Yeah, there was [religion in my family]. My mum was a Bible-reading atheist — no, agnostic, probably. She had been brought up in a religious environment, and her brother was a vicar, and there was quite a lot of clergy in her family. Going back a lot further, there is a Jewish element in the family, probably from Germany. My father was a Christian, and attended church; and the school that I went to was religious — we had hymns and prayers every morning.

But according to the Jewish Chronicle, the claim has been rubbished by experts on the matter.

Doreen Berger, a founder of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, “There was nothing I could find. I went back as far as 1837 in the civil records, and I couldn’t find anything at all. I looked up all the different lines and marriages in the family.

“He could have a remote great uncle who married someone who was Jewish, but there were definitely no Jews in his direct line.”

Mr Corbyn’s mother’s family tree is reported to include a Reverend, Edward Nicholas Stott, and a Yorkshire-born vicar.

His paternal great-grandparents were William Corbyn, a Suffolk tailor, and Dorothy Mary Bush, the daughter of a Norfolk chemist.

“I am sorry to inform a disappointed politician, but no Jewish blood can be found in his ancestors,” said Ms Berger.

Corbyn was recently heckled at a Labour Friends of Israel event, where he apparently mentioned “Palestine” a number of times, but apparently refused to use the word Israel.


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