‘Nike Shoes, SWAG Culture, And Allah’: Violent Teenage Migrants Who Game The System To Fund Lifestyles


North African teens and young men game the German system and pose with wads of cash received from German authorities and drug dealing on social media.

The young men are part of a growing culture of migrants who love ‘gangsta’ rap music, Nike air max shoes, SWAG culture and Allah. These migrants mostly hail from North Africa and most of them are under-age with the rest claiming to be under-age.

Receiving generous benefits from the German government and moving from one under-age migrant home to another invokes the old Victorian era idea of the European Grand Tours that aristocrats and the wealthy would take to enrich themselves in the culture of the continent. The young people in this case have used German hospitality to commit crimes, sexually abuse women and have the time of their lives, while not one has been deported, according to a damning new report from die Welt

Moving from places like Paris to Malmo, Sweden then to German cities like Bremen, the young North Africans’ movements and lives are well chronicled on Facebook and other social media. One group of Moroccans have been especially prevalent on social media with their exploits. They arrived in a south German centre for unaccompanied migrant children last year.

David Seeger, a long time social worker at the asylum centre said, “they came from Barcelona and stayed with us for a few months They dealt drugs, threatened an employee, beat the guards and two were brought up on charges of robbery.”

“They went out, acquired cocaine, would then come home beat up security and then went to bed,” said one of Seeger’s colleagues. The social workers plight lasted a long time before police finally came down on the group. The worker continued, “the (north Africans) were super difficult, but the police were very good.”

Some of the employees of the centre managed to connect with the eleven migrants via social media. They have been able to track their postings from constantly changing places through the large amount of photos they post to Facebook of them all over Europe. The photos consist of the migrants flashing off expensive watches, a group shot of themselves on the hood of a German police car, and arm in arm at a nightclub. Their lives seem to be a bizarre mix of a school field trip and an attempt to emulate American gangster culture.

One of the group who now lives in Sweden confided in one of the workers revealing that he was actually 20 years old and not under-age as he had told authorities. Since he had no papers, German migration officials saw no reason to doubt him even though a quick glance at his Facebook profile reveals his true age. There were no consequences at all for his lie.

The same migrant’s Facebook is full of photos of himself in various locations all over the continent. He took ‘selfies’ in Paris, Brussels, Malaga and Bremen including one photo of him with a friend holding a mountain of euro notes and coins while the pair give the middle finger to the camera with even more euros in their mouths.

The cost of these migrants is also no small number, “in Germany the care of an unaccompanied minor foreigner will cost, depending on the state, an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 euros per year,” said the deputy leader of the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Michael Kretschmer.

Sweden has also experienced crime from young migrant men which has led to ridicule of the Swedish government who made no attempt to verify the age of migrants who claimed to be under-age. Breitbart has reported that Sweden is now considering using expensive brain scan technology simply to determine whether a migrant is lying about his age or not.


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