National Union Of Students Elects ‘Anti-Semitic’ Leader Who Supports Violent ‘Resistance’ Against Israel


Britain’s National Union of Student (NUS) has elected as president a woman who has refused to condemn Islamic State (IS), called for violent “resistance” against Israel and believes a Jewish conspiracy controls the mainstream media.

Moments after her election, the NUS national conference, the largest democratic meeting of students in Europe, applauded a speech arguing that Holocaust Memorial Day should not be commemorated.

Malia Bouattia (pictured right) has been the NUS Black Student representative for the past year. In that time she hit the headlines for campaigning against anti-terror laws and for leading a successful call to reject a motion condemning the IS terror group because it would be “islamophobic”.

Her election victory, which was carried by a sizeable margin, was warmly welcomed by the Islamist-sympathising “shady Salafi PR outfit” CAGE, who once praised IS killer Jihadi John as a “beautiful man”.

Prior to joining the NUS, in a speech given at a “Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution” event in September 2014, Miss Bouattia declared:

“To consider that Palestine will be free only by means of fundraising, non-violent protest and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is problematic… Boycott can be misunderstood as the alternative to resistance by the Palestinian people.”

Speaking of armed resistance, she added: “When there’s a desire to engage in discussions of Palestinian resistance in its many forms, and therefore not limited to an armed struggle, the excuse of ‘well Palestine’s different’…”

She also argued that Muslims should support Palestinian “resistance” but fail to do so due to “internalised Islamophobia”, before attacking the “Zionist-led media” for somehow oppressing the entire global south.

Miss Bouattia was elected despite 46 Jewish Society Presidents, from every major Jewish society in the country, writing an open letter raising concerns about her past anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“Why do you see a large Jewish society as a problem?” they asked in the letter, referring to the fact that Miss Bouattia once co-authored an article labeling the University of Birmingham “something of a Zionist outpost in British higher education” because of it’s sizeable Jewish community.

The society representatives further asked Miss Bouattia to clarify her “relationship” with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC).

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The organisation is one of just six to be officially ‘no-platformed’ by the NUS, alongside neo-Nazi groups, for its relentless anti-Semitism as identified by a Parliamentary report in 2006.

Miss Bouattia’s NUS leadership campaign was publicly endorsed by MPAC, and when its spokesperson, Raza Nadim, gave his personally supported to her campaign, she responded: “Thank you :)”.

Despite them following each other on several social media platforms, she has since denied knowing Mr. Nadim or supporting MPAC.

Just two hours after Miss Bouattia was elected, the NUS conference erupted into rapturous applause when it was argued that the holocaust should not be commemorated because it is not “inclusive”.

Darta Kaleja, from Chester University, argued against an amendment combating anti-Semitism on campuses on the grounds that it singled out the Holocaust and ignored other atrocities.


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