‘Inclusive, Progressive’ Priest Says Labour Anti-Semitism Made Up By ‘Right Wing Media’


A self-declared “Progressive, radical Anglocatholic Parish iPriest” has said he believes Labour’s anti-Semitism problems have been made up by the “right wing press” and that only conservatives are “racist”.

The Reverend Simon Rundell, a Parish Priest in the Diocese of Exeter and card-carrying member of the Labour party, says he is “rabidly Inclusive” on his website.

He expressed the views regarding Labour and anti-Semitism by endorsing what he called a “perceptive comment” full of “insight” on social a media platform.

“To anyone who thinks that Labour has a problem with racism, I’d like to remind you of this little gem from the Tories: ‘If you want a nigger for a neighbor, vote liberal of Labour’”, opens the statement, referring to infamous piece of unofficial campaign literature used in one constituency in 1964.

It continues: “When you put the parties side by side, it’s clear which one has a problem with racism. Rightly criticising Israel is not discrimination, referring to Palestinian children as ‘cockroaches’ after Israel bombed their school is.

“That was the response of the British media to some of the atrocities carried out in the name of Zionism last year, but I don’t remember that making news in the same way.

“By all means buy into the idea that Labour have a problem with anti-Semitism, but know that you’re being taken for a ride by our right-wing press. They’re loving portraying Labour in crisis, and I don’t think it’s coincidence that its come up so close to the local elections”.

When Church blogger Archbishop Cranmer challenged the Reverend on these views, he replied: “Best wait for the vitriolic onslaught”.


The Rev. Rundell claims to be the author of books about “alternative worship” and “Deeply into Youth Ministry and the use of Multimedia and Technology in Evangelism.”

On his Twitter feed, he has taken to defending feminism and Jeremy Corbyn, as well as raging against Donald Trump and various Conservative party policies. Breitbart London understands Rev. Rundell has a habit of blocking other Church of England priests on Twitter who do not share his views.

Over the weekend it was reported that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has commissioned an inquiry into anti-Semitism within his party.

One of his MPs, a close ally, was suspended for calling for the “transportation” of Jews from the Middle East, and the former Labour Mayor of London refused to apologise for claiming Hitler was a “Zionist”.

Several councillors and activists have also been suspending from the party for anti-Semitism, as the Telegraph released an extensive dossier detailing how anti-Jewish sentiments are taking hold on all levels of the party

Mr. Corbyn himself once praised “friends” from Hezbollah and Hamas — an organisation committed to driving the “Jewish race” into the “sea”.

He has repeatedly refused to acknowledge there is a “problem” or “crisis” within his party, claiming that anyone pointing out the anti-Semitism was simply scared by Labour’s “strength” at the “grass roots level”.


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