Arab Women Attack Austrian Police At Resort

A woman wearing a niqab, the islamic full veil, walks in a street of Lyon, eastern France,

Two Arab tourists attacked Austrian police at a popular resort where the officers were bitten, spat on and kicked.

The village of Zell am See in Austria is a well known and important tourist destination just outside of Austria’s second largest city Salzburg. The destination has become increasingly popular with tourists from the Arab world in recent years as many describe the area as “visiting a fairy tale.”

The fairy tale atmosphere was broken this week for several Austrian police officers who responded to an altercation at a local bank between an employee and several Arab women. The police were attacked by the women as soon as they arrived on the scene reports Austria’s largest paper Kronen Zeitung.

According to reports, the altercation happened as the employee helped the women with a currency exchange. The Arab women, a 48-year-old mother and her 20-year-old daughter, began to verbally abuse the employee. The police were then alerted to the altercation and attempted to calm the situation down. As soon as they arrived the police were attacked by the women who bit them, spat on them and kicked them in the shins.

The mother attempted to slap the bank employee and spat on her. The pair even threw stones at the bank windows after they left the building. Police were able to arrest the mother, though she was set free after paying a security deposit to the authorities who then gave her conditional release.

Muslims in holiday resorts over the summer have made headlines several times for their behaviour toward fellow tourists. In France, the Islamic sharia-approved swimwear known as the Burkini has led to several incidents including one earlier this month when a number of North Africans attacked tourists who took pictures of women in the swimwear. The attack, which took place on the island of Corsica, led to a riot as local Corsicans came to the aid of the tourists and the situation escalated out of control.

Last month in France three children and their mother were stabbed at a holiday camp by a Moroccan Muslim who claimed he had done so because they were “scantily dressed.” All four of the victims had to be airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble due to the severity of their injuries which included a punctured lung in one of the young children.



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