Legendary Mossad Spy and Nazi Hunter Warns Europe to Close Borders

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - MAY 7: New Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan attends the first
Yoav Lemmer-Pool/Getty Images

Legendary Israeli spy Rafi Eitan, the man who caught the architect of the Holocaust Adolf Eichmann, has told Europe to stop immigration.

The former officer of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, is well known in Israel and abroad after 56 years ago capturing notorious war criminal Eichmann. At the invite of the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) Mr. Eitan told an audience in Austria that Europe must “lock [her] borders”, reports Austria’s Kronen Zeitung.

When asked his opinion on the security situation of Central Europe in the wake of the migrant crisis over the last year, Mr. Eitan stated: “The Muslim world is markedly different from Western culture,”  adding: “When there are Muslims, now, in every European country, we must expect violence and terror.”

The former spy also warned that there were many extremists now living in Austria and Europe that will “make a Muslim country out of Germany or Austria”.

When asked what he thought the solution to the current migrant crisis was, Eitan gave a clear response: “Three points of advice: First, stop immigration, set your limits, and secondly, give money for incentives , so that the refugees go back to Syria or to Iraq. Thirdly, do not let them have any spare time.”

Israeli Herut party leader Michael Kleiner joined Mr Eitan on his trip to Vienna and also commented on the current situation in Austria. “Do not try to kill thousands of mosquitoes, just drain the swamp,” he said, adding that Austria must tackle terrorism as a global issue from the source rather than try and deal with individual terrorists and Islamists on a case-by-case basis.

Mr. Kleiner noted that immigration has to be balanced because, he said, that if there are too many migrants coming from areas like the Middle East and North Africa en masse it would result in events like the New Year’s Eve sex attacks that occurred in Cologne, Germany.

The Israelis were invited to Vienna by the anti-mass migration FPÖ who have reached out to the nation in recent years to build connections with the Israeli right. National Councillor David Lasar said the party are happy with the visit and that they will join Mr. Eitan at two events in the coming days that mourn victims of the Holocaust.

The approval from one of Israel’s most well-known intelligence experts may give FPÖ presidential candidate Norbert Hofer yet another boost ahead of the delayed election in December, after he was recently referred to as a “Nazi” by former European Union head Manuel Barroso.

While Hofer remains the favourite against former Green Party leader Alexander Van der Bellen, polls show the vote will likely be very close.


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