Matteo Salvini: Europe ‘Soft’, Islam is Incompatible with Our Values


“If you want to live in peace, you have to prepare for war” Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini has said, stating that Europe must rethink its migration policies following the terror attack at a Christmas market in Berlin.

The head of the Italian Eurosceptic party also told Die Welt he’s proud to be a populist and, noting that Europe has never been so “soft”, warned that the continent is in danger of losing its identity and values.

Speaking to the German broadsheet, Salvini said the charge of populism is nothing to be ashamed of, and confirmed his status as a fan of President-Elect Donald Trump. The Lega Nord (Northern League) leader said accusations of populism are a “compliment” and a “reason to be proud”.

“I have a shirt [emblazoned on which are the] words ‘I am a populist’”, he revealed, dismissing Die Welt’s assertion that the term is an insult. “Originally, the term meant one who is close to the people, and speaks the common language,” Salvini added.

The mass sex attacks by mobs of migrants in Cologne last New Year “were in a sense a forewarning” of the truck attack in Berlin that went unheeded, the Italian politician said.

“We are being attacked and so must resolutely expel all those who have no right to live [in Europe]”, he said, and argued that Germany’s lacklustre response to the mass sexual assaults was a mistake. “If you want to live in peace, you have to prepare for war,” the Lega Nord leader added.

“Europe is losing its values and identity, it’s lacking security and has lost its sense of pride”, Salvini said, and spoke of a “culture war” taking place on the continent.

“Christmas is Christmas because Jesus Christ was born. Why should we be ashamed of our traditions?” the populist Italian said, and criticised how, in many Italian schools, Christmas festivities have been replaced with multicultural ‘peace’ festivals.

Salvini said there should be no room for “fanatics” in Europe, and noted that “only the law of Allah is valid” for a number of Muslim migrants who reject secular laws. “The problem is not with individuals but the culture of Islam” the anti-mass migration politician stated, adding: “It’s backward, and not compatible with our society.”

Noting that 95 per cent of the new arrivals in Italy are economic migrants from Africa, Salvini said the money Italy is spending on putting them up in hotels is being “thrown out of the window”. Far better, he asserted, that the money go towards deals with African governments in which Italy invests in infrastructure in return for an end to migrant flows and easy return of illegal infiltrators.

More than half a million migrants arrived in Italy by boat in 2016. In response, the globalist, social democratic government has seized hotels across the country, using them to house migrants against the wishes of their owners.

In November, Breitbart London reported on how locals in Turin were left terrified when migrants squatting in the city’s former Olympic village, now a hotbed of crime, took to the streets to protest “racist Italians”. Screaming threats and throwing projectiles, the migrants hailed the Bataclan massacre, in which 89 people were murdered, as a “revenge of the excluded”.


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