Berlin Senate To Investigate Why Migrant Crime Stats So High

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The Berlin Senate has launched a formal inquiry as to why migrants are disproportionally mentioned in the city’s police crime reports in comparison to Germans.

Berlin police say that migrants are more and more frequently recorded in their crime statistics to the point where they are over-represented, compared to their proportion of the overall population. The report, which was requested by libertarian Free Democratic Party (FDP)  politician Marcel Luthe, contains unpublished figures from 2016 Märkische Allgemeine reports.

Police registered 9614 migrant suspects in 2016 according to the report, including asylum seekers, recognized refugees and failed asylum seekers whose status is “tolerated.” The estimated total migrant population in Berlin is around 70,000 people making 13 percent of the population criminal suspects.

The figures for German nationals is much lower at around 3 percent of the population. Even when looking at the age group most likely to be involved in crime, men aged 21 and younger, the German figure rises only to 6 percent.

Some have reacted with sharp criticism of the report, pointing out that it does not list people who have been convicted of crimes, rather just those who are under suspicion of having committed crimes.

Despite the statistics, the left-wing coalition in Berlin released a report in December saying that their main cause of concern for the safety of Berliners is right-wing extremism.

The statistics bear a striking resemblance to those released in Munich earlier this week. The police records showed that almost half, or 48 percent, of criminal suspects in the Bavarian capital, are non-Germans. Asylum seekers are said to make up around 10 percent of the total criminal suspects.

The German Federal Police have stated that the migrant crisis and the wave of new migrants have directly led to an increase in crime within their jurisdiction. they claim a 31.6 percent increase over the past year and say the total criminal complaints are well over 400,000.

Last year Breitbart London revealed that migrants were committing a vastly disproportionate number of crimes. Information gathered in a report by the German Interior Ministry showed that migrants were vastly over-represented when it came to crimes such as pick-pocketing, shoplifting, and robbery.

The crime rate among migrants had also risen according to the report, whereas the crime rate among Germans was on the decline.

Austria, which has also taken a large share of migrants over the course of the last two years, has also noted an increase in migrant crimes and suspects. Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said that the migrant criminal complaint rate had more than doubled from 2014 to 2016.

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