Swedish Police Investigate Another Gang Rape Posted On Social Media

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Police in Uppsala, Sweden, have arrested one man in an ongoing investigation into a gang rape which was filmed and posted on the social media app Snapchat.

The assault occurred in January at a hotel in Uppsala. The woman involved claims to have been raped by at least two men while another man filmed the incident and posted it on Snapchat. One man has been arrested but two are still at large, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Prosecutor Thomas Forsberg said the footage authorities have in their possession is not complete, saying: “Parts of the event were filmed and posted on Snapchat, where they have been for some time. It has been available for a number of people but it is currently unclear how many.”

Police say they have seized at least one mobile device with footage of the incident and are currently trying to recover the rest, adding there is a “very high probability there is more material. We have confiscated a phone and there are reports in the investigation claiming that there should be more of footage that could shed light on what happened at the time.”

The one suspect arrested so far in the case is said to be a man in his 20s. Police say another man in his 40s is also a suspect and has been searched. A third man, also in his 20s, is said to be wanted for failing to report the rape.

Both the prosecutor and the police have confirmed there is no connection between the case and the rape that was broadcast on Facebook earlier this year.

The Facebook case, which also occurred in Uppsala,  saw the arrest of three asylum seekers in January. Witnesses to the rape said the suspects pulled a gun and threatened viewers of the stream. The incident was reported to police who intervened in the attack, which was also caught on camera.

One witness claimed she had recognised one of the men because he had raped her in the past. She told Swedish media the asylum seeker had raped her in 2015 while she was taking a shower.

All three are currently on trial for the attack and the lawyer for the suspects has claimed the incident was consensual and that his client could prove it. So far, no verdict has been made in the case.

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