Police Injured, 143 Arrests as Far Left Riots in Paris to Protest Le Pen


Six policemen were injured as far left activists rioted, burned cars, and smashed property during violent demonstrations against Marine Le Pen Sunday night in Paris, where 143 arrests were made.

Before the results of the first round were announced on Sunday, several hundred self-styled “anti-fascists” gathered in Paris to oppose the pro-France, anti-globalisation Front National candidate.

Police were pelted with bottles and firecrackers by left wing extremists, many of whom were hooded and dressed in black. According to AFP, demonstrators also torched cars and smashed windows.

“We have come to protest against the masquerade that is this election,” one protester told public broadcaster Franceinfo. “All of its main candidates — [Emmanuel] Macron, [François] Fillon, Le Pen — are standing only to perpetuate the reign of an oligarchy which hoards power and steals the wealth from ordinary people.”

Commenting on how this year’s election has seen France’s two main parties — the Republicans and the Socialists — rejected en masse, a student of neuroscience who spoke to journalists in the Place de la Republique pointed to “the [2008] financial crisis” as the cause.

Clashes broke out in various parts of France when the results of the election’s first round were announced. Three people among those who took to the streets in protest against the successes of Macron and Le Pen were arrested in Nantes. There, police were forced to use tear gas as rioters set fire to public property.

Heavy police presence in Bordeaux allowed a demonstration, at which protesters shouted slogans including “we’re all children of immigrants” and “the result makes us want to puke”, to pass off peacefully.

In a victory speech on Sunday evening, Le Pen called on patriots to support her against globalist former Rothschild investment banker Macron on 7 May in the election’s second round, warning that “the survival of France” is at stake.

“What is at stake here is a wild type of globalisation endangering our country,” she said, claiming it is time for France to not just vote for establishment candidates, “who have done nothing” but bring in new policies and new faces into government.

“It is time to release the French people of arrogant elites who want to dictate their conduct,” she added.


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