KASSAM: European Terror at ‘Epidemic Levels’, Leaders Must ‘Get Real’ After Barcelona

Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam has warned Americans that Islamist terror in Europe is reaching “epidemic” proportions because No Go Zones and illegal immigration has not been addressed.

Mr. Kassam also blasted the “European political establishment” for their inaction on immigration, radical Islam, and integration, telling them to “get real” after the Barcelona Islamist attack.

Appearing on a Fox News debate alongside Ryan Mauro, a fellow and national security analyst at the Clarion Project, presenter Trace Gallagher began by highlighting the spate of vehicle attacks in Europe.

Such attacks have occurred in Nice, Berlin, Stockholm, and London – which has been hit three times, in Westminster, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park.

Mr. Kassam explained: “We’ve had now 30 terror attacks or attempted terror attacks, in Europe, over the course of this year alone. Only two of those attacks have not been linked to migration or Muslim migrants into Europe or radical Jihadism.

“This is at epidemic proportions,” he blasted.

Continuing: “This is not because we don’t welcome people from the outside. This is not because we have invaded Iraq…. 15 years ago… this is because they hate our way of life.”

“And they have this mindset and they have the radicalising factors, as Ryan mentioned,” he added.

Earlier in the segment, Mr. Mauro had told of a leaked Spanish intelligence report from 2011, warning of “parallel societies” in Spain because of “foreign funded radical Islam” he said, and the existence of 100 mosques with radical imams preaching hate.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Libya, and Morocco had funnelled millions into the nation, the document said.

Continuing, Mr. Kassam blasted: “If you don’t mind me getting a little bit informal with this one: we have to get real about this threat in Europe. Nearly 100 people… have died this year from terrorism [and] over 350 injured.

“And the European political establishment doesn’t want to do anything about it. They want to continue to have the same No Go Zones across Europe. They want to continue with the mass migration.

“And we will see a continuation of the death and destruction brought to our streets if we don’t get a grip on these things.”

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