Government Confirms Compulsory Sex Ed for Young Children Will Include Transgender Issues

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The British government has confirmed that children will learn about transgender issues and same-sex relationships when compulsory sex education is brought into primary schools.

Every primary and secondary school in England will be forced to hold relationship and sex education (RSE) classes from September 2019, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced earlier this year.

The controversial move to make sex education not only statutory for young children, but also to shift the syllabus beyond biology and into the realm of “values”, as pushed for by far-left campaigners.

Whilst the government on Tuesday launched a consultation asking parents and young people on “age-appropriate content” they think should be taught in RSE, the Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that it is ordering the curriculum be “sensitive” to the needs of children “whatever their developing sexuality or identity”.

Officials revealed the pro-LGBT direction of the classes after gay activist Peter Tatchell penned a letter to the department asking what children will be taught, according to The Telegraph.

In response, the DfE wrote: “With regards to your concerns about RSE not including LGBT issues, I can assure you that the department expects all schools to ensure that young people, whatever their developing sexuality or identity, feel that RSE is relevant to them and sensitive to their needs.”

Schools are already required to promote homosexuality, “gender fluidity”, and transgender issues under the banner of “British values” thanks to reforms brought in by neoliberal former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who said neglecting to push LGBT issues denies children the “opportunity to flourish in a modern multicultural Britain”.

UKIP Education spokesman David Kurten slammed the news, asserting that much of the “educational material” around sex and identity already available in primary schools is “explicit and grossly inappropriate”, and warned that further moves to push transgenderism could “harm children’s natural development”.

Contending that parents should have the last say on what values are imparted to their children, the London Assembly Member added: “The most chilling aspect of these plans is that it will be compulsory with no parental opt out.”


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