Hungary: ‘The Left-Liberal World Has Had Its Day’

Protestors hold placards during a demonstration in a Barcelona on June 19, 2016 under the slogan, 'open borders, we welcome' in favour of rights for refugees and demanding that European authorities take action to secure safe passage routes for refugees. / AFP / JOSEP LAGO (Photo credit should read JOSEP …

The left-wing, pro-mass migration world has had its day as it is impossible to talk about reality “with pointless political correctness that leads nowhere”, according to Hungary’s government spokesman.

Speaking ahead of the New Year, Zoltán Kovács told news portal PestiSrá that “reality has finally broken through the wall of silence and nonsense, and is beginning to reveal itself” across the European Union (EU).

“Thanks to Hungary and the Hungarian government – among others – we have managed to dismantle the wall which hides reality from the sight of European public opinion. In this, we have had an undeniable role.

“We were the first to start to talk about the crisis. By doing so, we achieved a great deal; we have yet plenty to do, but time is on our side,” the government spokesman said.

This dismantling of the wall of silence and political correctness facilitated European citizens’ rejection of the left-liberal establishment in national elections in 2017.

In the year predicted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to be the ‘year of rebellion’, the political elite was swept away in France, immigration dominated the German federal elections, and Austria saw the formation of her populist-conservative government, as well as populism and conservatism seeing a rise in support in Central Europe, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Indeed, globalist former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s think tank released a report in December which found that rather than being on the wane, the wave of populism has not yet crested and could likely become a permanent fixture of political structures in parts of Europe.

However, Dr. Kovács expressed scepticism on Western Europe fully coming to reality in time as ‘reason is not recognised overnight’, highlighting the extent to which the east has reacted differently to the migrant crisis – a distinction also made by author Douglas Murray when he observed that Eastern Europeans still retain “the tragic sense of life” whereas Western Europeans have lost it:

“[Western Europe] thinks it gets time off from history. We wish everything away on a tide of human progress. We pretend we don’t die. We pretend the point in life is to acquire more and more things and go on nice holidays.

“Eastern Europeans have remembered you don’t get time off from history. You may be swept away from one direction and swept away from another and you ought to be careful with your society.”

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