Macron Blasts ‘Lies’ of Open Border NGOs Urging Migrants to Break into Britain

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Emmanuel Macron has blasted “deceitful” open borders NGOs that have claimed police at Calais are ‘gassing’ sleeping refugee children and tell migrants lies about asylum in Britain.

The French president told police officers and soldiers at the northern port town that pro-mass migration groups are encouraging migrants to break into Britain, accusing NGOs of dissuading them from seeking asylum in France with false claims that police are waiting at centres.

“When charities encourage women and men to stay in Calais, to put themselves in an illegal situation, and even to pass onto the other side of the border, they assume an immense responsibility,” said Mr. Macron, stressing: “Never, ever will they have the state at their side.”

“Each time that [migrants] are told they will be taken to the police, they are being lied to. Each time they are told that in shelters, the police are waiting for them, they are being lied to.

“Those lies spread by too many associations damage the efficiency of our reception system for migrants and damage our humanity,” The Times reported him as saying.

The president’s visit to Calais was called in order to defend against claims he ordered a brutal crackdown on sleeping migrants, made by open borders NGOs including Human Rights Watch — an organisation to which globalist billionaire George Soros pledged $100 million (£80 million) funding in 2010, and which last year alleged police were “showering [migrants] with gas” at the port town and robbing them.

“People who talk about raids, people who talk about police are deceitful and unworthy of debate,” Macron said of allegations against security forces.

But he warned migrants that “staying in Calais and making shelters is a dead-end”, insisting that France “will do everything possible to keep the border closed”.

“Calais is not the back door to England and it must be very clear that that will continue to be the case,” said the French leader, adding that authorities in Calais had been ordered to prevent any attempt to reconstruct the so-called Jungle.

The camp housed 7,000 migrants before it was cleared in late 2016, with Breitbart London having previously reported on the violent lengths to which ‘Jungle’ inhabitants have been willing to take in order to cross the border.

In one case, a driver was nearly killed when a wooden stake was hurled through his cab window as his truck was “mobbed”.

And in August last year, the Freight Transport Association warned that it was only a matter of time before a driver would end up being killed, after a night of violence saw lorries firebombed and a freight driver threatened by a chainsaw-wielding illegal immigrant.

While authorities estimate the number of illegal immigrants in Calais to have been reduced by 90 per cent since the camp was cleared, violence has risen alongside the volume of returning migrants, who in June caused the death of a driver when they dragged tree trunks onto the A16 motorway in a bid to slow traffic and break into UK-bound vehicles.


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