German Catholic Archbishop Condemns Migrant Violence Toward Christians

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German Roman Catholic Archbishop Ludwig Schick has condemned the violence of Islamic extremist migrants toward Christians and Christian converts, saying that the “highest alertness” is required.

Archbishop Schick made his remarks after a new report released by the German government showed that 100 Christians including a convert who was murdered were victims of religiously-motived violence last year, Die Welt reports.

The Archbishop made explicit reference to newly arrived Muslim migrants, saying some asylum seekers “do not understand or accept the liberal order of our country, even some of those who arrived are not refugees but terrorists. That’s a fact we have to respond to.”

“You can not arrive in our society if you do not value our values,” Schick added.

“All sensible and well-intentioned people must resolutely oppose those who, whatever their religion or ideology, are lacking in respect for their fellow human beings. It will not work without such boundaries!”

The Archbishop’s views are in stark contrast to those of Cologne’s Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, who has been vocally pro-mass migration since the onset of the migrant crisis.

Woelki has slammed the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, and has opposed proposals in 2016 to ban minarets, saying that the Islamic structures are no different than church towers.

Christian migrants, especially those living in asylum homes, have repeatedly reported that they have been victims of violence and threats from Muslims. Christian converts from Islam have been especially vulnerable to attacks.

Last summer an Afghan woman who converted to Christianity was murdered in the street by an Afghan Muslim asylum seeker. This week a court found the 30-year-old Muslim guilty of the murder of the woman and sent him to prison.

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