Swedish Police Called Out to One Asylum House 150 Times in 18 Months

Sweden Police
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Police in the Swedish city of Halmstad say they have been called to a single asylum home in the city around 150 times in the last year and a half for incidents including drug offences and assaults.

The asylum home of Spenshult, a former hospital, was leased to the Swedish Migration Board in 2015 and since December of 2016 has been home to between 650 to 680 asylum seekers.

Within the period of only a year and a half local police claim that they have been called to the residence 150 times, and that the instances of criminality have dramatically increased in recent months, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

“In the last two months, we can see a fairly sharp increase. We have as many event reports and notifications in the last two months as we normally had in three months before,” said Halmstad police officer Peter Öhrn.

Several members of staff at the asylum home have also reported receiving threats from asylum seeker residents. Since the opening of the facility staff have registered 60 complaints against the behaviour of asylum seekers with one report claiming that a migrant had threatened to burn down the building.

Female staff have also reported sexual harassment from migrants at the home.

Carl Hedberg, the Migration Board’s unit manager at Spenshult, played down the reports saying, “given the number of people we handle daily, we still have relatively few incidents.”

Hedberg also explained the high number of police calls saying that a large number of the asylum seekers at the home had their applications for asylum rejected.

Cases of violence by failed asylum seekers have become more common in Sweden over the last few years. The notorious Ikea murders in 2015, the murder of a young woman in Värmland in 2017 and the Stockholm terror attack were all perpetrated by failed asylum seekers.

Ahead of the Swedish national election this year, Swedish voters have voiced huge concerns over the mass migration policy of the current government and have said the issue of immigration is the most important factor for them ahead of the vote.

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