Times of London: Italian Monastery To House Right-Wing Populist Leader School

trisulti monastery
Wikimedia Commons

An 800-year-old monastery in Italy recently abandoned by Monks is to be converted to a traning establishment for the next generation of right-wing European leaders, reports The Times of London.

Emphasising the importance of Western values, the Trisulti monastery is one of a number of such projects in Europe. The Times reports:

A remote 800-year-old hilltop religious retreat in Italy is to become the latest in a wave of right-wing academies attempting to shape the next generation of populist leaders in Europe.

The Trisulti monastery, about a two-hour drive southeast of Rome, is being converted by Benjamin Harnwell, a conservative Catholic ideologue from Leicestershire, who told The Times that he was determined to “defend the Judeo-Christian roots of society”.

Boasting connections at senior levels in the Vatican, Mr Harnwell, 42, is also backed by Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist who has recently taken up the causes of European nationalism and populism.

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