Delingpole: Sinister Foreign Leader Caught Trying to Overturn Democratic Vote in UK…

Barack Obama
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Sinister foreign powers have been caught meddling in the elections of a Western sovereign nation, using nefarious threats to undermine the democratic will of the people. And the corruption goes right to the very top.

So why aren’t the Guardian and the New York Times over all this scandalous abuse of power?

Maybe because the culprit, on this occasion, is not Vladimir Putin but one Barack Obama.

This morning, on BBC Radio 4, former White House staffer Ben Rhodes confirmed what had long been suspected: that in 2016 Remainer Prime Minister David Cameron had persuaded his friend Obama to participate in his Project Fear propaganda campaign designed to scare the British people out of voting for Brexit.

The giveaway was when Obama warned that Britain would be “back of the queue” in any post-Brexit trade details. As an American, he would have said “line” not “queue” – so the phrase had clearly been fed to him by an Englishman, probably one called Dave.

It backfired very satisfyingly.

Despite the gushing adulation Obama received from the UK media throughout his eight years in office, the popular reaction in Britain to his meddling was hugely negative.

In his definitive Brexit book All Out War, Sunday Times journalist Tim Shipman quotes one of Cameron’s “closest aides” as commenting: “I think Obama was fucking awful. As someone who believes in remaining in the EU, as someone who’s incredibly loyal and thinks David Cameron was a brilliant prime minister, it jarred with me.”

Vote Leave campaigner Matthew Elliott is quoted as saying: “We knew from our activists talking to people on the doorstep and also from our focus groups that people really hated that moment. How dare the president of the U.S. say to that of Britain, when we’d been first in the queue when it came to military action in Iraq and Afghanistan? We’ve got a special relationship with the U.S., so how dare the president of the U.S. come over here and insult us like that and intervene in our referendum. That backfired.”

So it’s possible that Obama did the exact opposite of what he’d set out to do: tip the balance in favour of Brexit.

What’s extraordinary nonetheless is how little mainstream media scrutiny has been applied to the lies, the propaganda, the bullying, and misinformation used against the British people by their own government.

Cameron could – and should – have remained neutral during the Brexit referendum.

Instead, he mobilised the entire apparatus of state – most especially a tame, virulently Europhile and pro-Remain Civil Service – plus “independent” institutions like the Bank of England and Confederation of British Industry, plus all his globalist cronies from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde to Barack Obama in order to railroad the British populace into making the “right” decision.

We hear, from the left-wing media especially, endless ill-supported speculation as to how both Brexit and Trump’s subsequent election victory were brought about by the meddling of Vladimir Putin.

But when an arguably more dangerous left-wing globalist called Barack steps into undermine the British people’s interests, crickets.

Funny that.


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