REPORT: Soldiers Who Criticise Army’s Pro-Islam, Politically Correct Recruitment Videos Face Disciplinary


Senior British army officers are threatening to punish soldiers who criticise a politically correct Army recruitment advertisement that panders to identity politics, according to a ‘warning note’ seen by the Mail on Sunday.

The note seen by the Mail on Sunday says that senior Army figures “have become aware that serving personnel are not following guidance and have demonstrated negative opinions” about the series of videos which target Muslims, LGBT people, and “sensitive” individuals on grounds that the ads are too politically correct.

Military superiors are “increasingly frustrated by the perceived negative impact that serving personnel are having on this campaign”, warning that anyone who reacts negatively to the promotional videos “can be dealt with under disciplinary or administrative action as appropriate”.

The “This Is Belonging” series released in January 2018 include one video entitled, “Keeping my faith” which shows a section stopping in the middle of a patrol to allow a Muslim soldier to pray, with one soldier indicating to another to turn off his radio until the prayer is over.

The series — five live-action and five animated one-minute videos — cost the Ministry of Defence £1.6 million at a time when the military is to be forced to make cuts, with questions being raised over whether the United Kingdom was still a “tier one” military power able to compete with other leading global powers.

Colonel Richard Kemp CBE said of the campaign in January: “The army, like the rest of government, is being forced down a route of political correctness.”

“What is most important is that the army is full of soldiers. It is of secondary importance that they reflect the composition of society.

“Of course the more people from all parts of society who join the better, but it’s even more important to fill the army up with people who want to fight and want to be soldiers and this I don’t think will do that,” he added.

In December, defence minister Gavin Williamson intervened to stop Army top brass from scrapping its “Be The Best” slogan because it was deemed “dated, elitist, and non-inclusive”.

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