‘Entryism!’ – Tory Remainers Denounce Campaign for Brexit Voters to Join the Conservative Party

Carl Court/Getty Images

Remain-supporting establishment Tory MPs are panicking about the Leave.EU campaign urging supporters to join their party to vote for a Brexiteer leader after Theresa May falls.

Anna Soubry, the fanatical EU loyalist who claimed her elderly mother “wept” when the Leave result was declared and is now campaigning for a second referendum — despite having once demanded that Brexit-supporting MPs stop saying she did not accept the result of the original referendum — described the campaign as “Blatant infiltration”.

“[Tory Party Chairman Brandon Lewis] must introduce measures to prevent a Blue Momentum take over of the Conservative Party,” she wailed, in reference to Labour’s Corbyn-supporting Momentum faction.

Interestingly, the 61-year-old ‘wet’ left the Tories under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership as a younger woman and allegedly defected to the Social Democratic Party (SDP), returning to the Tory fold only after the left-liberal outfit’s fortunes unravelled.

“Anna Soubry actually saying Brexiteers aren’t welcome in the Conservative Party, despite being elected on a manifesto pledge to deliver Brexit,” responded Leave.EU, which calls its campaign for more Breixteers to join the party ‘The Blue Wave’.

“She has betrayed her constituents,” it added — a reference to the fact that Broxtowe, which the Remainer represents, backed Brexit in the EU referendum.

Leave.EU boasts almost 915,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, and was the largest of the two major Leave campaigns during the EU referendum.

It claims at least 10,000 people have already joined the Tory Party after they launched the campaign, with a view to backing Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, or another Brexit supporter for Tory leader — and thus Prime Minister — once former Remain campaigner Theresa May is finally shown the door.

Remainer MPs such as Anna Soubry, Paul Masterton, and Philip Lee believe that such allowing such people to join the party and participate in its internal elections could result in it being”hijacked” by people with “extreme” views — but polling suggests that it is in fact the party’s broadly europhile, pro-mass migration MPs who are out of step with the party’s voters, who tend to be for Brexit, stronger borders, and other more traditionally conservative policies which the politicians have progressively abandoned.

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