Spain: Far Left Extremists Vandalising Tourist Attractions on the Rise


Far-left groups have been accused of targetting and attacking tourist areas in Spain, including a recent attack on cars hired by tourists on the island of Mallorca.

Marxist youth group Arran took credit for the attack, posting a video on them painting Communist hammer and sickle symbols on the vehicles before smashing the windows and slashing the vehicles’ tyres, Il Giornale reports.

Members of the group labelled the action as being against the “tourist invasion” of the Spanish-owned Balearic islands and promised more attacks in the future.

In Catalonia, where the group originates, businesses that cater to tourists such as bars, restaurants, and even tourist buses have been targetted and attacked.

Arran has also declared their opposition to various companies such as low-cost airlines and have called on supporters to block ski slopes in the north of the country during the winter in the name of environmental activism.

Populist Spanish party VOX has condemned the actions of the group and held a press conference earlier this week where the leader of VOX in the Balearic Islands, Jorge Campos, called on investigators to prosecute the activists and labelled their actions as terrorism.

“If it is not investigated it is because there is a lack of will,” he said and noted: “It’s amazing that people say absolutely nothing.”

Following the condemnation, members of Arran held an action where they hanged effigies of members of the VOX party.

Far-left violence is not a new phenomenon in Spain with an incident last year seeing left-extremists brutally beat a group of Catholic university students who were wearing clothing with the school’s name on it, with one victim having a bottle smashed over his head.

The year before, two other people were brutally attacked by far-left extremists.

A case in Aragon saw a 55-year-old man beaten into a state of brain death allegedly because he wore Spanish-flag themed suspenders.

Another incident saw a 20-year-old young woman suffer head injuries and a broken tooth when Antifa members attacked her for wearing a bracelet with a Spanish flag on it. One of the 20 hooded attackers was later revealed to have stood in local elections for the United Left party.

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