Delingpole: Piers Morgan Humiliated by 19-Year-Old ‘Anti-Greta’

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD - FEBRUARY 28: Naomi Seibt, a 19 year old climate change skeptic and s
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Piers Morgan is a cock.

I realise this isn’t exactly front-page news but every now and then he reminds you what a low-grade, puffed-up, bloviating poltroon he truly is. Most recently he did so on his breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain in an interview with the German climate sceptic Naomi Seibt.

Seibt – whom I was lucky enough to meet at the last UN climate conference in Madrid and interviewed here – is a very brave, very admirable 19-year old German climate sceptic.

She is known as the Anti-Greta — a nickname I believe I may have coined myself in this article — because, unlike the feted Ms Thunberg, she believes that catastrophic man-made climate change is a politically motivated, scientifically baseless scare story.

Because Seibt’s educated view does not accord with the current fashionable narrative she has been treated by the world’s politicians and media rather differently from the way they treat St Greta of Thunberg.

While Greta travels all over the world, feted by everyone from the Pope to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and gets to lecture world leaders on how to run their economies, Seibt’s reward for her principled scepticism is cancelled events, death threats and rape threats from the likes of Antifa – oh, and snotty interviews from blustering pillocks like Piers Morgan.

As the Express reports, when Seibt was invited on Good Morning Britain to debate with some Greta Mini-Me, Morgan just couldn’t wait to crush her with his trademark bullying indignation.

“So I got interested in climate change because I wanted to get to know the science behind it and what’s really going on and what effect do CO2 emissions actually have.”

Piers interrupted to ask: “Let me ask you. Do you believe that the planet is heating up at a dangerous rate?”

She replied: “No I do not believe that.”

But Piers wasn’t happy with her answer and shot back: “If you don’t mind me saying, that is a clear demonstrable fact supported by 2000 of the world’s leading scientists.

“And with all due respect to you I get that you want to have the publicity of being the ‘anti-Greta’ but that is a fact that can’t be disputed it is just a fact that the planet is heating up.”

Don’t you just love that ‘with all due respect to you’? Morgan is quite incapable of treating anyone with respect unless they happen to suit his purpose. His purpose, in this case, was not to give Seibt’s scepticism a fair hearing — as if! — but rather to parade his virtue by emphatically declaring how totally on board with climate ‘science’ he is and how totally not a climate change denier he is.

That aggressive interruption of Seibt’s argument is also classic Morgan: it’s designed to unbalance and dismay, so that he looks like the clever, in-control one while his victim flounders. Usually, it works, unless he encounters someone familiar with his bully-boy technique — at which point his intellectual weakness is sorely exposed, as it was when he was famously owned in a debate about the Second Amendment with Ben Shapiro.

Anyway, on this occasion, Morgan was made to look like the idiot he is twice: first by the graciousness of Seibt’s response to his rudeness.

Second, by his audience, which pointed out in the ad break how thoroughly unfair – and scientifically illiterate – he had been and forced Morgan to retract.

Returning from an ad break, Piers noted he had in fact been mistaken and corrected himself.

“I just want to be fair to one of our guests Naomi,” he began.

“When I said to her ‘Is the planet heating up?’ and didn’t say at a dangerous rate, all the viewers are saying that I did say ‘Is it heating up at a dangerous rate?’”

Susanna Reid chipped in: “And that is what she took issue with.”

He continued: “So if that is the case then she was quite right to push back on that.”

There is nothing gracious or admirable about Morgan’s arse-saving retraction. He’s an idiot well out of his depth on the subject of climate change — and outside the wankerati bubble that Morgan inhabits lots of real, ordinary people know it.

Will media influencers like Morgan change their tune — at least to the point where they give courageous, informed sceptics like Naomi Seibt a fair hearing?

Of course not. So long as the official narrative remains that man-made climate change is the greatest threat of our age, liberal elite mouthpieces like Piers “I’m a close personal friend of Donald Trump. That shows how counterintuitive and controversial I am” Morgan will carry on supporting it because,  hey, why rock the boat?


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