Over 1,000 People Cured of Coronavirus in Italy


ROME — The number of people in Italy cured of COVID-19 passed the 1,000-mark on Tuesday evening as the country ended its first day of lockdown.

The latest data reported by Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore show that 8,514 people are currently infected with coronavirus in Italy, while 631 have died from the disease and 1,004 who were infected have since recovered. Some 10,149 are reported to have been infected in the country in all.

On Tuesday, the number of current cases of contagion in Italy grew by only 529, as opposed to the growth of 1,598 cases on Monday, the largest decrease since officials began monitoring the disease.

Among other encouraging news, there has not been a single case of the virus among children in Italy, with no one under the age of 18 coming down with COVID-19.

The average age of people affected by coronavirus in Italy is 69 years, with only 10 percent of cases affecting those between the ages of 20 and 50, Italian health services (ISS) reported.

According to reports from Johns Hopkins University, there have been fewer than 5,000 deaths worldwide (4,284) from COVID-19, and 65,776 who have recovered from the virus.

On Wednesday, Italy entered its second day of lockdown and police have set up checkpoints to stop drivers who venture out on the roads. Minimal travel is permitted but only for reasons that the government judges necessary. Supermarkets are open but lines have formed outside since only a limited number of clients are allowed to enter at any given time.


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