Sadiq Khan Gave £100k in Public Funding to Group Which Besieged Police Station During BLM Unrest

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 08: Protesters gather outside Tottenham Police station on August 8, 2020 in London, England. The protest was held to demand changes in the police force including an end to 'overpolicing of Black communities' and the use of excessive force and tasers. It marks the anniversary of …
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been revealed to have given nearly £100,000 in taxpayer money to a Black Lives Matter-style leftist activist group over the course of two years.

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request has revealed that Sadiq Khan’s “Violence Reduction Unit Community Seed Fund” has funded the 4Front Project, a youth organisation established in 2012 to ostensibly take on youth violence, which they claim is driven by “racial inequality” and the criminal justice system itself.

The Westminster political blog Guido Fawkes reported that the London Mayor’s office gave the group £50,000 in 2019/20, and £46,042 in 2018/19 to help the “youth-led intervention project for 100 young people involved in and affected by serious youth violence”.

During the height of the unrest in the UK following the death of American George Floyd, the BLM-style group staged a ‘blockade’ of a London police station after a teenager was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana in August. Approximately forty members of the group squared off with police officers, some of whom sustained minor injuries, outside the Colindale police station.

The leader of 4 Front, Temi Mwale, told The Guardian at the time: “We tried to de-escalate the situation, I actually think it was going well. But at some point, someone … decided it would be appropriate to send four, five huge vans full of hundreds of you, to start dragging community workers across the floor.”

Mwale, who is set to be featured by TedxLondon’s women series, has previously said: “The racism in this country is brutal, it is overt, it’s very plain to see, and if people cannot see it and they’ve simply buried their head in the sand.”

She also called to “defund the police” as well as the establishment of a “Truth and Reconciliation process” to confront the “colonial and racist legacy” of the United Kingdom.

Watch: BLM Protesters Chant ‘F*ck The Police’, Call for Commissioner to Resign:
Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

Members of the partly city-funded 4 Front Project were filmed by Breitbart London staging a protest outside New Scotland Yard in September, calling for the resignation of Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick for supposed racial bias in police profiling.

In the video, one of the activists is seen leading a chant of “f*ck the police”, going on to say: “We scream ‘f*ck the police’ because they don’t serve and protect us. We scream ‘f*ck the police’ because they kill us, stop and search us, brutalise us, assault us like it’s ok.”

“I’m done seeing the videos. I’m done seeing everything. All I want is change, and I just want to change the systematic, institutionally racist bullshit,” the activist added.

The revelation that Sadiq Khan has funded the 4 Front Project comes after the leftist London Mayor unveiled his Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm, a publicly funded group of left-wing activists and celebrities who are set to target statues and historical monuments.

The Red Guard-style commission includes Star Wars actor Riz Ahmed as well as social rights activist Toyin Agbetu, who was previously filmed heckling the Queen during the celebration of Britain’s abolition of slavery, the first country to do so. Agbetu shouted at the Queen: “You should be ashamed!” and “This is an insult to us!”

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned that if the Labour Party fails to limit the radicalism of Sadiq Khan it will face electoral ruin, saying that if Sir Keir Starmer “cannot rein in Khan, his identity politics, and his willful adoption of cancel culture, then the Labour Party will lose by even more votes at the next election than Jeremy Corbyn did at the last.”

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