Pakistani Migrant Arrested After Brutal Sexual Assault on Greek Woman

Athens Greece September 12, 2019 View of a Greek police car driving through the streets of
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A Pakistani migrant has been arrested in Ierapetra, Crete, for the assault and attempted rape of a local woman. He is also suspected of sexually harassing five other women.

The young Pakistani allegedly approached Despina Platanaki on Friday night near the old town hall and beat her while attempting to rape her. The victim also claimed the migrant had pulled a knife on her.

A passerby saw the incident and intervened, saving the woman from further harm, according to a report by the Greek newspaper Proto Thema.

On Sunday, Ms Platanaki posted a picture of herself on Facebook, which appeared to show injuries to her neck and nose. She appealed to other women who had been sexually harassed to come forward after police revealed to her that she was not the migrant’s only suspected victim.

Platanaki said: “On Friday night, I was brutally, sexually assaulted by a man of Pakistani descent. After many hours of security statements, we discovered that this ‘gentleman’ had attempted and sexually harassed five more girls who have not testified.

“Fortunately for those girls, they did not experience the horror and pain that I feel. I know this is a delicate matter, and you may feel ashamed, but if any of you have been harassed and have not mentioned it, please go to the police and make a statement.”

“I want to say a public thank you to the man who saved me when the monster had taken out the knife to kill me. If you know who this man is and he has told you about the incident, I would like to tell him that I would like to see and say to him in person, a big thank you!” she added.

The attack comes after a series of other sexual assaults involving Pakistani migrants in Greece in recent months, some of which have involved children as victims.

In November, a Pakistani was the subject of a manhunt in Athens after allegedly strangling a 54-year-old woman with a chain while attempting to rape her.

Just over a month later, on the island of Kos, a Pakistani migrant was charged with raping an eight-year-old boy in a field near a migrant reception facility.

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