Greek Police Hunt for Migrant ‘Chain Rapist’ After Attack on 54-year-old

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Greek police in Athens undertook a manhunt this week for a migrant who is said to have attempted to rape a local woman while wrapping a chain around her neck.

The manhunt comes after the migrant, believed to be possibly Pakistani, approached a local 54-year-old woman in the Kaminia area of the Greek capital and is said to have taken a thick chain and wrapped it around his victim’s neck as he attempted to rape her.

Local police say they are actively hunting for the suspect, saying that the case is extremely serious and that they want to prevent the migrant from attempting to rape another woman, newspaper Proto Thema reports.

According to the paper, the woman was inside a local cafe cleaning up after the establishment had closed for the day and the migrant, who was wearing a dark hoodie at the time, jumped on her and wrapped the chain around her neck.

As the migrant attacker attempted to remove the woman’s clothes, the chain loosened enough for the 54-year-old to grab a nearby object and hit the attacker on the head. The woman then ran outside into the street to call for help as the migrant fled the scene.

The case comes as police arrested another Pakistani migrant who is alleged to have killed a 29-year-old man in an apartment in Kaminia and brutally beaten two others.

The arrested migrant is said to have also been the leader of a criminal gang which trafficked contraband cigarettes and drugs on the streets of Athens. Police are still on the hunt for another Pakistani migrant in connection to the murder.

Indeed, Greece has seen a number of high profile criminal cases involving migrants in recent weeks, including the arrest of a Syrian man in a migrant camp in Athens who is believed to have taken part in atrocities while a member of the Islamic State terrorist group.

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