Delingpole: Vote Conservative – Get BLM, Lockdowns and the Great Reset

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Hands up who grudgingly voted Conservative in December 2019 because they thought it was their best hope of fending off the Marxist Opposition candidate (Jeremy Corbyn) and of delivering Brexit.

And hands up who is now suffering a serious case of buyer’s remorse, especially when they see senior Conservative MPs playing the left’s games.

Of course, you’d expect a Labour MP to virtue signal by talking about U.S. court cases. But since when was it the business of Conservative MPs like Sajid Javid — a former Chancellor of the Exchequer no less — to rub voters’ noses in identity politics?

Javid got owned in the comments, of course. But the damage is done. Here is the Conservative party sending out a clear signal that it holds its base in the utmost contempt. It has embraced woke identity politics, it has (with its lockdowns, its mask mandates and its mooted vaccine passport) rejected traditional Tory notions of liberty, and, maybe worst of all, it has become so embroiled in environmentalism and the green agenda of the Great Reset that it might just as well rebrand itself the Klaus Schwab’s Bitch Party.

Johnson is acting like one of those Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament campaigners of the 70s and 80s who wanted to remove Britain’s nuclear deterrent on the naive understanding that all the world’s nuclear belligerents would respect its peaceful gesture and divert all their missiles elsewhere.

The idiot assumption in this case, of course, is that if Johnson hamstrings the UK economy with yet more expensive, inefficient, pointless bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes and forces everyone to drive electric cars, all its economic rivals will similarly hobble themselves. Which they won’t – especially not if their name is China.

As with Javid, ‘Fat Blair’ Johnson gets totally owned in the comments.

Here is a sample:

When did you become the militant wing of the Green Party?

You are a delusional fool. Your mistress @carriesymonds aka climate barbie is an idiot. China and India don’t care about your idiot plans. They will shake hands but will not do anything and you will make the UK have super expensive electricity like Germany and Italy.

You’re insane, bugger off.

Lemming and cliffs spring to mind.

Your plan is Deranged and will lead to poverty and ultimately violence

You do realise no real Conservatives want this?

If you think that this will make you popular or a ‘world leader’ you are deluded. You will pay a massive price for your vanity – driving people into poverty to go carbon neutral will backfire and you (not the world) will burn

I don’t remember voting for this – I’m guessing huge tax rises will be needed to pay for it?

The people have spoken. But as usual Boris Johnson isn’t listening.


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