MEPs Call Hungary’s Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law a ‘Threat to Democracy’

A child helps to wave a huge rainbow flag during the Gay Pride parade on September 17, 201

Members of the European Parliament (EP) denounced Hungary’s ban on LGBT propaganda for children, arguing Wednesday the law poses a “threat to democracy and fundamental rights.”

“Most speakers criticised Hungary’s recently-adopted law which prevents the depiction of LGBTIQ content in material intended for minors,” according to a press release by the European Parliament.

“Many MEPs called on the Council and the Commission to take action, on the ongoing Article 7 procedures and to fully apply the new budget conditionality rules,” the text states.

Commenting on the debate, the pro-LGBT PinkNews site said the EP is “considering a motion to ‘invite’ countries to sue Hungary over its controversial anti-LGBT+ ‘propaganda’ law,” while calling the legislation a “cruel anti-LGBT+ attack.”

Amid growing pressure from the European Union, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has insisted Hungary must stand up for self-determination, especially when it comes to the education of children.

“They behave like colonialists,” Orbán said of the EU leaders. “They want to dictate what laws should take effect in another country, they want to tell us how to live our lives and how to behave.”

The encroachment on Hungary’s Christian identity and right to self-government denotes the “bad reflexes caused by their European colonialist past,” he added.

In September 2020, Orbán argued that conservatives must defend schoolchildren from destructive leftist propaganda that seeks to undermine Christian values.

There are “irreconcilable differences in education policy” between liberals and conservatives, Orbán contended, which is especially evident in the Left’s push for sexual libertinism.

Christian democrats “expect schools to reinforce the sex identity that the Creator has conferred on each child at birth,” he said, “to help girls become fine and admirable women; and to help boys become men who are able to provide security and support for their families.”

“Schools should protect the ideal and values of the family, and should keep minors away from gender ideology and rainbow propaganda,” he added.

Central to the liberal, Enlightenment project is an abandonment of Christian morality and anthropology based on the biblical understanding of the human person, Orbán suggested.

Liberals believe that “the sufficient condition for just and morally grounded governance is general, universal reason, and there is no need whatsoever for absolute values revealed by God, and the religious and biblical traditions that have grown out of these,” he stated.

Given their relative isolation and their overtly Christian national constitution, Hungarians “know little of the breadth, depth and bitter struggles of this debate which extends across the whole of Western civilisation.”

Christian democrats believe that in order to strengthen justice, public morals, and the common good, “the need for religion, biblical traditions and our churches is greater today than it has been for centuries,” he said.


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