Eco-Loon Prince Harry Flies Back to LA on Private Jet From Aspen Polo Match: Report

Britain's Prince Harry (L) and Royal Salute ambassador Malcolm Borwick (R) laugh following
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Climate change alarmist Prince Harry demonstrated his green hypocrisy once again after travelling home by private jet after attending a charity polo event, according to reports.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly took a twenty seat private jet back to his Los Angeles mansion after attending an elite charity polo match in the glitzy Aspen, Colorado on Thursday.

The woke prince opted to fly on the £45 million Gulfstream jet owned by American businessman and polo player Marc Ganzi rather than travelling on a more environmentally friendly commercial flight, according to The Sun.

Royal author Tom Quinn told the paper: “This appears to be enormously hypocritical, given all his talk about climate change.

“Harry seems to see himself as someone who guides the rest of the world and that his own behaviour isn’t relevant. It is a huge blind spot.”

Prince Harry has previously defended his family’s outsized carbon footprint, claiming in 2019 that “99 per cent” of their travel was on commercial flights.

“Occasionally, there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure that my family are safe, it’s genuinely as simple as that,” Harry claimed.

However, just days prior to the proclamation, it was revealed that he and Meghan Markle had taken four private jets in just 11 days across France.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in May, the Prince said: “I believe even more that climate change and mental health are two of the most pressing issues that we’re facing.

“With kids growing up in today’s world, pretty depressing, right, depending on where you live, your home country is either on fire, it’s either underwater, houses or forests are being flattened.”

Harry has previously drawn criticism for his use of private planes, particularly after he used a private jet to fly to a celeb-studded climate change conference in Sicily sponsored by Google in 2019.

The latest private jet controversy comes as Prince Harry’s estranged father, Charles, Prince of Wales, has penned a lengthy opinion article in the Daily Mail on the dangers of climate change.

Writing of the wildfires in Greece, Charles said that the world’s “only hope” is for business and government leaders to wage an “epic battle” to confront the “climate catastrophe”.

“We now have no alternative – we have to do all we possibly can in the short time left to us to avoid the enormous climate catastrophe that has already begun to show its face in the most terrifying ways,” the heir to the British throne wrote.

The cause of the Greek wildfires has not in fact been officially determined, although the Associated Press reports that more than a dozen people have been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with the blazes.

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