WATCH: Police Protect Climate Protesters from Angry Drivers as They Illegally Block Motorway

Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Police have been filmed protecting Insulate Britain climate activists from angry motorists as they blocked the M25 motorway once again.

The footage shows a van driver upset at being held up, being forcibly led away from the so-called protesters sprawled across an access road as a large number of officers stand around doing nothing about it, at least at the time of the recording.

“You’re causing more pollution with all these cars sitting here just doing f*** all,” one driver railed at the activists, according to LBC.

“You’re making people hate you. Go and protest London, go down to Downing Street,” he implored.

Senior officers have defended their supposedly “robust” response to the illegal actions, stressing the number of arrests carried out — eventually — but reports now indicate that some activists have been arrested multiple times, having been only briefly detained and then freed to return to future actions.

Police have also been filmed actually going out onto the road and stopping traffic themselves to allow protesters to go out and block it, with a woman officer recorded telling them: “[I]f any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know, and we’ll try and sort you out in a nice way.”

Even the equally ineffectual Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has been moved to anger by the lackadaisical attitude of the police, demanding “decisive action”.

The latest motorway “protest” comes after one man claimed his mother has been left paralysed after a previous demonstration let him “caught for about six hours in traffic” while en route to the hospital with his mother, who had suffered a stroke.

“I was there with my mother for six hours watching her slip away, and I could do nothing,” he lamented in a call to LBC.

“When we got her to the hospital, the doctors said if we were to have gotten to them within 90 minutes, her symptoms, her recovery would have been minimal.

“Because she’d been left to endure a stroke for six hours she’s got complete paralysis now down her left side. I am so angry and so upset – this didn’t need to happen.”

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