Irish Grandma Jailed Again After Being Found with No Mask

A pedestrian wearing a face mask or covering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, walks past a mu
PAUL FAITH/AFP via Getty Images

A 66-year-old Irish grandmother has once again been jailed after being found in a shop without a mask.

Margaret Buttimer was jailed on Monday over breaching bail terms, having been ordered to stay away from shops due to her refusal to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask in shops is required by law in Ireland, as well as in other locations such as restaurants, pubs, and public transport.

Buttimer has been repeatedly arrested for refusing to wear a mask in a store, according to a report in the Irish Times, and was imprisoned for 90 days in July due to her being a repeat offender.

When asked by the judge why she breached her bail conditions, Buttimer responded that she wished to do her Christmas shopping that day.

“I take each day as it comes. That was today,” she said.

“I cannot have you putting other people in danger and blatantly breaching court orders. It would be sending a message that court orders mean nothing,” the judge told the court regarding his decision to refuse Buttimer bail. “I am very sad to do this but I have no option.”

Ireland implemented mask mandates in shops and public transport last year, and has yet to relax them, even temporarily.

A system of vaccine passports is also in place, with only those who are vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus or have recovered from the disease allowed indoor access to pubs, restaurants, and gyms.

A pass is also required in order to visit a relative in a care home.

A number of Irish Senators have suggested that restrictions against the unvaccinated should be extended, with one going as far as to suggest extending the measures to the likes of supermarkets and public transport.

“If you want to participate in society, you need to be vaccinated,” Senator Gerry Horkan of the pro-EU Fianna Fáil party told the Irish Seanad (Senate), going on to say that those who don’t want to participate could just stay home.


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