UK Conservative Resigns Live on Air over Party Moving in a ‘Tyrannical Direction’

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 02: Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a pr
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The chairman of a local Conservative Party group has resigned live on air, claiming that the party was moving in a “tyrannical direction”.

The chairman of the South Basildon Conservatives, Charlie Sansom, resigned live on air on Thursday, citing the “tyrannical direction” of the party. Sansom resigned in response to the implementation of so-called “Plan B” measures in England by Boris Johnson’s government on Wednesday.

The new restrictions include requiring individuals to show Covid passes to gain access to nightclubs and other large events, marking the first time the passes have been used in English history.

“I cannot morally defend the party that I consider to be moving in a very tyrannical direction,” Sansom told BBC Essex. “I’ll be sending on my written resignation to my chairman later on today.”

Sansom went on to say that, despite being a Conservative his entire life and working “tirelessly” for the party over the last three years, he had a “gut feeling” that what the government was doing is “not right”.

“I can’t keep my mouth closed about this anymore,” Samson continued. “I, therefore, have to do what I think is right for me.”

When asked if there were other Conservatives he knew like him, Samson, though hesitant to answer, conceded that there were others with concerns.

“I think it’s best that others speak for themselves,” Sansom replied. “People do have views, which they share with me, which are very similar to my views, and some people don’t. It’s very divisive.”

The on-air resignation comes as Boris Johnson’s government is lambasted both inside and outside parliament for tightening restrictions, especially in light of alleged parties that may have occurred in No 10 last year.

Several Conservative backbenchers have revolted against the government over the matter, with many vowing not to vote in favour of the incoming measures in parliament.

“Why should people listen to the Prime Minister’s instructions to follow the rules when people inside Number 10 Downing Street don’t do so?” asked one Conservative MP, before writing “No to Plan B”.

“I have not only never seen people of all walks of life and all political persuasions so angry, I have never seen such an utter farce in politics as this,” Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney told Breitbart London. ” It is political suicide for Boris Johnson, and that is up to him, but we can’t allow him to take the country down with him.”


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