EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Canada ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protester: Families ‘Have Had Enough’

Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

OTTAWA, Ontario – “I am very, very much pro-freedom, and I have no love for tyranny,” Shanna, a demonstrator supporting the Freedom Convoy protest told Breitbart News on Wednesday when asked for her motivations in attending the events on Parliament Hill.

Shanna, who lives near Ottawa, said the protest is about defending Canadians’ rights while holding a large Canadian flag. She said she had attended the ongoing rallies since the prior Saturday.

“This has gone too far,” she declared. “It’s kind of scary-slash-funny how far they’ve gone up there on parliament. It’s just got to stop. The people have had enough. This is day five. I’ve seen the people. I’ve seen the families. They’ve had it.”

Breitbart News invited Shanna’s response to news media characterizations of trucker protesters and their supporters as “white supremacists.”

Shanna laughed at the accusation. She invited observers to visit the demonstration to learn about its participants.

She urged, “Just come down. Come down any day – even on the weekends or on a weekday – look around. You for sure see Canada here. Everybody is here in unity, and there’s all love.”

“I’ve been down here five days trying to find this hate,” she concluded “I can’t find it.” 


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