90 Per Cent of Illegal Boat Migrants are Male, Home Office Admits Under Cover of Ukraine

Migrants wait together on a beach in Dungeness on the south-east coast of England on Novem
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The UK governmet has revealed that nine out of ten illegal boat migrants who landed in Britain last year were male, confirming long-made statements from Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

In a data dump — as Vladimir Putin’s millitary invaded Ukraine — the Priti Patel-led Home Office admitted on Thursday that men account for ninety per cent of all illegal boat migrants who reached British beaches in 2021.

According to the official statistics, 28,526 illegals crossed the Channel last year in 1,034 small boats. In total, 36,792 people entered the country illegally in 2021.

While as recently as 2018, small boat crossings of the English Chanel represented a miniscule fraction of illegal immigration to the UK, it has since grown exponentially, and now represent the vast majority of illegal entries to the country.

Of those who reached Britain by boat, the Home Office said that 90 per cent were male, with three quarters aged between 18 to 39. Just seven per cent were adult females, with three per cent having their sex left unrecorded per the latest data.

Despite featuring prominently in photographs published by the establishment media, children only accounted for 12 per cent of illegal boat arrivals.

Breaking down the boat migrants by ethnicity, 30 per cent hailed from Iran, the largest group, with Iraqis (21%), Eritreans (11%), and Syrians (9%) making up the next most common nationalities. The Home Office noted that previously Iranians made up the vast majority of illegal boat arrivals, accounting for 80 per cent and 66 per cent of landings in 2018 and 2019 respectively, however, as of 2020 the ethnicities have become more mixed.

Driven in large-part by the massive influx of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel, there were 48,540 asylum applications launched in 2021, a third higher than the peak seen during the European Migrant Crisis of 2016.

Though most of the 48,540 asylum claims were made by illegal boat migrants, there were 8,000 made by those who snuck into the country in the back of lorries or by other means. The number of initial claims that were approved by the government reached the highest rate since 1990, with 14,734 being approved on their first try.

At the same time, just 2,830 people were deported in the year leading up to September 2021. The number of foreign criminals deported was 47 per cent lower than that of pre-pandemic levels.

The issue of illegal immigration to Britain comprising almost entirely of young male migrants has long been addressed by Brexit’s Nigel Farage.

“If they are really refugees and they are coming from countries that are so awful why are they deserting all the women and children, none of this actually adds up,” Farage questioned last year.

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