UK Government Holding Emergency Meetings Over Coming Winter Energy Shortages

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Emergency meetings on how to deal with possible energy shortages over the coming months are now being held by the UK government, reports claim.

Authorities in Britain are now reportedly holding emergency meetings discussing how best to handle a wealth of possible crises that may occur over the coming winter, reports on Wednesday suggest.

Caused at least in part by the implementation of green agenda policies, the Ukraine war, and years of bad government energy strategy, many nations throughout Europe are now facing the prospect of rolling blackouts this winter, with some fearing that public unrest could arise as a result of the chaos.

Britain is no outlier in this regard, with the BBC even now reportedly preparing secret scripts for emergency radio broadcasts should winter blackouts end up occurring.

Senior members of the government also now appear to be preparing for the worst, with The Telegraph reporting that “Cobra” emergency meetings are now being held on the topic of dealing with coming energy shortages.

Also discussed in these meetings — which are usually reserved for responding to natural disasters, emergencies, or terror attacks — are the dangers posed by coming trade union strikes, as well as the backlogs within Britain’s socialised public healthcare system.

According to an official summary of the meetings, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak believes that Britain is now heading into a “challenging period”.

“Looking ahead to winter, the Prime Minister said this would be a challenging period for the country caused by the aftershocks of the global pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine,” the PM reportedly said.

With the supply of gas becoming extremely constrained as a result of the Ukraine war, many countries throughout Europe are struggling to balance their energy budget, with experts in a variety of nations warning that rolling blackouts may soon be on the cards.

Like many officials in the likes of Ireland and Germany, authorities in Britain now believe that significant power shortages could result in rolling power outages in various parts of the country, with shortages in gas in particular also now being seen as a significant possibility.

So real is the threat to the country that its state-owned broadcaster, the BBC, is now even reportedly preparing secret scripts for emergency radio broadcasts during such blackouts, which at worst could last up to two days.

“The government has said it’s hoped power will be restored in the next 36 to 48 hours,” one secret script supposedly reads. “Different parts of Britain will start to receive intermittent supplies before then.”

Another script reportedly tells listeners that the UK’s emergency services are under “extreme pressure”, and that they should not be contracted by members of the public “unless absolutely necessary”.

Several outlets in the UK have made reference in recent weeks to UK government-published plans to manage electricity supply in an emergency, with rolling blackouts of varying severity starting at three hours in 24, up to 24 hours in 24 hours disconnected. In the plans, which predate the present energy crisis, regional blocks would have pre-determined windows of energy supply during an emergency.

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